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Total of 12 artists, one for each month, will produce unique works for the exhibition place by using it as a workshop during this project, which was initiated by Gizem Karakaş.  The art work(s), which are produced by the artists, will be placed in the exhibition place after they fulfil the duration of workshops and the exhibition will be hold under the same name on January 2020 after a year of work. This exhibition will be also considered as 10th year exhibition of Galeri 5.

The project “Devir” is searching for dynamics between individual and collective production, viewer and producer, borders and freedom areas.  The artists, who will join the project, will be decided by transfer system: The artist, who is selected to start the project on January, will select the artist of February; and artist of February will select the following artist of March and the process will continue so. Merve Ünsal is the first artist, who will also start the project on January, to be selected by Gizem Karakaş.

The artists will be evaluating their works by considering the continuity of previous works of other artists, moreover the place they are in, and the people, relationships, dynamics around them. An interview about the transfer will take place when an artist leaves the workshop and another artist takes it over at the beginning of every month.  The artist, who is leaving the workshop, will inform the next artist about his/her works and period while the next artist asking questions about the previous work in this interview which will be open for viewers.


About Merve Ünsal

Merve Ünsal, who intends to use channels of text and photography beyond their formats, completed her undergraduate education at Princeton University with major in Art History and Visual Arts, and did master’s degree in Photograpy at Parsons The New School for Design.  The artist, who is constituent editor of which is an online publishing initiative, has attended various search and guest programs such as Delfina Foundation (London), PRAKSIS (Oslo), Banff Centre (Banff), Homework Space (Beirut) and more.  Ünsal, who has contributed to so many exhibitions in Berlin, Beirut, Boston, Delhi, Cairo, London and New York, lives and works in Istanbul.


About Lara Ögel

In her artistic practice, Lara Ögel works with different mediums from paper work to video, and arranges place and context awareness installations. She received her BA from the Department of Film and Communication at Clark University. She attended the Intensive Summer Foundation in London Slade School of Fine Art. She has participated in PRAKSIS (Oslo), Beirut Art Residency (Beirut) as guest artist programs. Her works were shown in Beirut, Hasselt, Paris, Leipzig, Basel, Athens, New York and Amsterdam. She lives and works in Istanbul.


About Sena Başöz

Sena Başöz is a visual artist and director who living in Istanbul.
She received her BA in Economics at Boğaziçi University in 2002 and completed her MA in Film and Video at Bard College in 2010. Her latest exhibitions including the ”About The Lightness“ which her personel exhibiton at the DEPO Istanbul, the ”Silent Dialogue” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, the 13th Sharjah Biennial Istanbul Project ”Spring” and the Memphis Gallery-Linz (with Lisa Truttman). Her films have been screened at festivals such as the Cannes Film Festival, Crossing Europe, Jihlava IDFF and Gran Paradiso. She participated to guest artist programs at Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz.