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Artist: Pelin Yazar
Exhibition Date: 15 October – 28 December 2018


Just see what you are looking at; do not verbalize it. Just realize that they are present; however, do not turn them into words. Let the things and humans be without language. This is not something impossible to do, indeed it is natural. The present situation is not natural but we are used to it so much that it became a mechanical process and it makes us turn experiences into words always.

Osho, “Listening to Silence”

Artist Pelin Yazar’s approach towards painting intends to create a world out of the result of the possibilities of colors that are next to each other. Artist tries to understand the nature of the colors with the romance of a gardener who approaches his/her garden with affection and logic and tries to understand the needs of the plants, she gathers colors together considering their desires, effects and reactions against each other. Oil paintings turn into a silent dialog between her and colors in this connection.  These colors, in the end, grow to support forms, patterns and textures to speak greater and deeper and make the paintings of the Yazar alive.



“Silently” exhibition consists of the oil painting series, which carries the same name as the exhibition. Artist painted these oil paintings upon moving back to Turkey, where she was born and raised, after living in Canada for years. The name “Silently” is a reference to the silence reached by meditation.   Meditation is to slow down thoughts, to observe only those who pass through the mind at that exact moment, and to observe emotions without any prejudice, to realize that short gap amid intense thoughts. It is a way to pass to the area of absolute silence and peace. This area is also a place for creativity, pure consciousness and infinite possibilities.

Pelin Yazar depicts this area of pure creativity and consciousness on landscapes in the oil paintings of “Silently” series. While the blanks that stand out among these colorful, sometimes rough landscapes in the paintings point to the empty spaces between thoughts, repeating house and ship figures appear as a reflection of this new era in the artist’s life. In this context, the “Silently” series turns into infinite possibilities on a new page in the artist’s life.