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Artist: Etem Şahin
Exhibition Date: 11 September – 29 December 2017


‘Instruments’ is literally based lon an instrument, a piano which is permanently located in the Gallery 5 exhibition space. According to Etem Sahin, this piano is an instrument, but with its unexpectedly existence in a gallery space, it is an object that separates Gallery 5 from the other exhibition spaces. Şahin’s work entitled“Etude 1 for Piano” is an oil painting of the piano inspired by this object and is produced site specificially for this exhibition.



Starting from this, Şahin devotes the time and space allocated to him  to the instruments, in other words; the tools and materials he uses for the exhibition, by mirroring them, or, in his own words, “goes beyond the tasks given to the instruments and takes them to the stage.”

While the ‘Instruments’ exhibition reflects the silent dialogue of a romantic relationship established between the artist and its mediator, the exhibition mirrors to a world where objects are sanctified and people are instrumentalized.