Stars Wandering Alone in The Sky

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Stars Wandering Alone in The Sky

Artists: Romina Meriç, Özge Enginöz, Arzu Kıraner, Işık Özçelik, Dinçer Özüarap, Burhan Üçkardeş, Süha Zaimoğlu
Exhibition Date: 01 February – 03 May 2016


To hear your own solitude does not mean you look down on you; it can be interpreted as if you see your own existence different from others.

Solitude is a painful truth, though the feeling of inferiority may be hard to understand. We are so different and so alone.

Octavio Paz, ‘The Labyrinth of Solitude’, 1950


Solitude is the deepest truth of the feeling of being a human. A person, coming to the world from the belly of his mother who wraps him up, perceives this change with birth as a separation, severance, falling in a foreign and hostile environment. These instinctive feelings gradually become a sense of solitude; then a consciousness emerges. As Octavio Paz describes in ‘The Labyrinth of Solitude’ essay dated 1950, “We become aware that our existence is something unique and very precious to us at some point in our lives. This awakening is often in puberty. Mankind’s finding himself; becoming aware of solitude happen when he pulls the consciousness curtain so transparent that could not be perceived between himself and the world.”



In a meaning, solitude is knowing yourself, being aware of being on your own, in other words it is an aspiration to run away from yourself and your solitude. Human fall in love with the hope of filling this void created by solitude, produces to express, share his solitude and to make his traces to the world and sometimes looks at the stars and asks himself; “Are we really alone in this universe?” .

“Stars Wandering Alone in the Sky” examines the existential problem of solitude and the dilemma created by this problem through the works of Özge Enginöz,  Arzu Kıraner, Romina Meriç, Işık Özçelik, Dinçer Özüarap, Burhan Üçkardeş and Süha Zalimoğlu. Created with different techniques such as photography, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and neon the works at the exhibition reveal the tension between a sense of a spooky belonging and an alienation of the world we live in.