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Artist: Defne Tesal
Exhibition Date: 26 October 2015 – 22 January 2016


Between October 26th – November 20th Galeri 5’s exhibition space became Defne Tesal’s open studio, where she included the visitors into the production process and created the installation titled “Cocoon”


Consisted of white threads stretching from one point on the floor upwards to the celling, Defne Tesal’s installation is an attempt of forming an integrity with the exhibition space by  a play of light and the architecture of the space. Tesal deliberately doesn’t interfere to the connection points, nodes, increasing parts and defects of the stings that she has woven in a messy way While the strings that are stretching out to the ceiling are establishing a strong fluidity and perspective, details and small parts reveal compliance disorders. Thus the installation deals with dualities such as order and disorder, detail and general.


Felling alienated and under spotlights during production process, “Cocoon” becomes a shelter, a safeguard for Tesal who tries to create a space for herself. As the installation takes shape, the artist is merely trapped in the corner she works. She starts to hide there. She closes this corner (her shelter) with threads that are hanging to the floor on the last week of her working process. In this hidden section separated from the rest of the exhibition space the artist shows the  rest of the threads along with a journal where she transfers her experience on this process.

The site specific installation ‘Cocoon’ will be dismantled and shattered at the end of the exhibition, after being presented to the visitors for a short period of time.