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Artists: Sevgi Aka, Merve Ertufan, Johanna Adebäck, Zeynep Solakoğlu, Ayşe Topçuoğulları, Murat Yıldız
Exhibition Date: 09 July – 22 September 2015


Play is free, is in fact freedom. Play is not “ordinary” or “real” life.  It is rather  stepping out of “real” life into a temporary sphere of activity with a disposition all of its own.

A large part of the terms we can use to express the elements of play are in the aesthetic field. They also serve to convey the impression of beauty at the same time: tension, balance, oscillation, substitution, contrast, diversity, addition, separation and solution. Play includes and releases. Internalizes. Captures, in other words, it attracts.

Johan Huizinga

The creative writer does what a child does when playing a game. He creates a fantasy world that he takes seriously and adds emotion by separating it from reality.

Sigmund Freud


The artist’s creative process is similar to the attitude of a child playing a game. The mind of a child who is not yet intact by the teachings of the society is free. This free attitude that emerges from art and game liberates not only the artist and the player, but all the people who can interact with them

“Breaktime / Playtime” invites the visitors to reveal the child inside them by turning the Gallery 5 into a “playground” between 13 July – 22 September 2015 through the works of Sevgi Aka, Merve Ertufan & Johanna Adebäck, Zeynep Solakoğlu, Ayşe Topçuoğulları and Murat Yıldız.