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Something Tells Me

Artists: Murat Han Er, Murat Salcı, Ali Şentürk, Güneş Topalöz
Exhibition Date: 30 March – 07 July 2015


“Something Tells Me” gathers four young artists who embrace the techniques they use as metaphors and seek the human’s inner world among silhouettes. These artists, who step in the fiction of reality, explore the layered structure underlying their life surrounded by their visions, in search of a form of expression.

The works at the exhibition are trying to create a common subconscious by interpreting the masses of meaning in the world of images and reconsidering the relationship between objects and people. These young artists dig into a research on for the transforming power and impact of emotions and ideas on the human body. They reveal in their works the traces and scars of experiences left in our bodies and our faces.